Where today the village of Barbaresco rises, in the Middle Ages was covered by a forest so impenetrable so as to allow the Ligurians who had taken refuge there to find out the Roman cavalry . Precisely because it was no stranger to the borders of their domains, the Romans called barbarica silva: this expression derives from the ancient name Barbaritium, evolved in the present Barbaresco. The Barbaresco wine is made from Nebbiolo grapes in purity , grown in a small area to the east of Alba. The production area includes the entire territory of the towns of Barbaresco , Treiso, Neive and the municipality of Alba. It is produced by small vintners, by cooperatives and also by names of global excellence. In the village of Barbaresco Regional Wine Cellar seat ,where most of the wines produced in the denomination can be tasted. The Vespa tours will take you to visit the picturesque village of Barbaresco, with the tower and its splendid view, but also to taste the excellent wine production at the regional Barbaresco and Mango Wine cellars, as well as an itinerary among vineyards of rare charm.

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