In the Roero, the land that stretches to the orographic left of the Tanaro river, the Nebbiolo grape gives rise to a popular and sought-after wine, which takes its name from its territory. Here, on the steeper slopes of the hills, in leaner and sandy soils where other crops cannot make enough, the vine thrives because of the better exposed position. The Roero is a wine redolent and perfumed, elegant and generous of feelings beginning from a beautiful ruby-red inviting color intense, produced in a less known area to the great tourism compared to Barolo or Barbaresco area. A long impressive route for the variety of landscapes: the imposing castle of Guarene d' Alba a place rich of art history and culture, where past and present meet, the vineyaerds of Castellinaldo and Canale, the woods of Monteu Roero and Baldissero d'Alba, the hills of Cherasco and Verduno, all flavored by the pleasure of travelling in the area who first conceived the Slow Food philosophy. Slow Food means giving proper importance to the pleasure related to food, learning to enjoy the diversity of the recipes and flavors , to recognize the variety of the places of production and the craftsmen, to respect the rhythms of the seasons and of the banquet.

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